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Learn more below about collecting visitor emails, sending newsletters, & promoting on social media.

Collect emails, gain subscribers.

  • Everyday, new and old readers visit your blog. Collect their emails to keep them updated over email about your new posts.
  • Onsite email forms perform ok, but our windows are always visible, thus increase sign ups.

Capture their email with lead capture windows like these.

Send emails based on user's interests.

Ask users to sign up for newsletters and updates based on their interests. Next, create user segments in our CRM and send interest specific emails.

Pre-schedule your emails

We've made sending emails absolutely easy by pre-scheduling 1 or many emails.

  • Setup date & time to send or send based on user actions.
  • Any unsubscribes, or bounces are automatically removed.
  • Full analytics provide you performance insight.

Send beautiful emails

Design and send beautiful emails using our email designer.

  • Choose from our pre-created email templates.
  • Make your own email with our drag and drop editor.
  • Personalize it with info about users from our built-in CRM.
  • Our emails are mobile and desktop responsive emails.

Supercharge your posts & tweets.

When your visitors click on the shortened link and land, they need to know what to do next.

Most url shortners don't provide visitors any call-to-action (CTA) once they click & land. Visitors are on their own.

Our Smart URL shortner shows an entry window that contains your call to action. Now you are guiding them!

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